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Chinese Feng Shui Coin

Meterial: Copper
Handcraft use five differance dynasty
cash to made
Coins are a common Feng Shui cure to
create abundance and prosperity in one’s life. Often the
coins used by Feng Shui Consultants are the well known Ancient
Chinese coins. The Ancient coins are round with a square hole in
the middle of the coin. The circular shape of the coin represents
heaven and the square represents earth. Shape of the coin
represents the unity between heaven and earth. Many believe they
are superior to domestic money.
concept of Feng Shui is to align your life with your
life desires. If you desire more financial gains the intent of the
coin is what is important, not the shape of the coin. Use coins of
your country in the ideal Feng Shui locations in the home to
harness the energy of prosperity and abundance. The best coins are
the ones you have worked hard to earn and then watch them


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